Signs of Alcohol Relapse in Milpitas, CA; Defensive Behavior, Calling Old Drinking Buddy & More

Recovering alcoholics experiencing strong cravings to return to drinking is common, especially if satisfies a means of comfort. However, there are healthy ways you can develop to cope physically and emotionally, without the need for alcohol. Preventing relapse and reducing the risk of it happening are done by learning what consciously triggers the cravings. Once you learn the trigger, you can explore healthier alternatives to deal with the struggles you are facing. Finding a method to avoid reaching for the alcohol can help your instinctual reaction when you need comfort.

Signs of an Alcohol Relapse

It may not always be easy to see a relapse coming; the circumstances of an alcohol relapse can vary depending on the individual. There are a few red flags that suggest you or a loved one is heading down the road to relapsing; and we at Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to discuss several of the most common.
1) As you reminisce about the “good ‘ole days” of drinking, you start to romanticize it.
2) When you stop doing the activities and treatments to stay sober; such as going to therapy or getting treatment for a mental health disorder.
3) Contemplating that one drink will not hurt.
4) Even though you are not drinking, you start to behave in the same manner as you did when you were.
5) Seeking out friends from your drinking days.
6) In the event anyone brings up the changes in your attitude and behavior you become excessively defensive.
7) The things that keep you balanced and anchored in your life are the very elements that you start to remove.

Is Alcohol Relapse Common?

It doesn’t mean your recovery is over if you are recovering from an addiction to alcohol and you have a relapse. On the road to lasting sobriety the key to a successful recovery is learning to embrace your relapses as mile markers. You just have to pick your resolve back up and start again. A relapse is a normal part of the recovery process, and though it may make you feel like an utter failure, do not let it. Roughly 47% of recovering addicts relapse during the first year after rehab according to statistics and to top it off 61% of those who relapse has done it more than once. For those who have developed a dependence on alcohol, quitting can be a challenge as it isn’t easy for anyone. With professional help at a substance abuse rehab facility in addition to supportive influences and groups, the resources contribute tremendously.

Support for Recovering Alcoholics

Remember why you wanted to beat the addiction to begin with, whether your goals were to improve your health, relationships, career, overall quality of life, or a combination of these examples, you can be sober. With Meehab Addiction Recovery readily available for treatment options, resource guides, and support groups, you have specialists trained and experienced to help you kick your drinking to the curb. If you have relapsed, do not give up on your goal, just start anew and get sober. To learn more, click here. To download our helpful app for free on android, click here. To download for free on iphone, click here. Call Meehab Addiction Recovery today to help you on the road to recovery.

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