Are you suffering with alcohol or drug dependency and ready to begin the road to recovery? Do you feel alone and unsure how to find the help that you desperately need? The knowledgeable professionals at Meehab Addiction Help can provide you with all the resources and support that you need to meet others in the recovery community by providing information on meetings, sponsors and networking to help you break free from the binds of addiction. At Meehab Addiction Help our fundamental approach to treatment is based on a simple set of principles consisting of a professional treatment program, regular attendance of support based meetings, sponsorship and fellowship opportunities with other addicts recovering from addiction. Our goal is to provide you with everything that you need to achieve your sobriety in a safe and positive environment.

Connect with Other Members of the Addiction Recovery Community

When you reach out and network with others in the addiction community you are increasing your chances of successfully completing a program. Having someone to talk to that understands and is familiar with your pain can make a difference to keeping you on track with your recovery. Create your profile at Meehab Addiction Help and contact and chat online with other members. You can enjoy the many benefits of fellowship from basically anywhere including making plans to meet at and after meetings, finding sponsors and posting your sobriety date and successful milestones to track both your progress and offer encouragement to other members experiencing the same struggles that you have experienced.

Share Personal Experiences to Help & Inspire Others in Your Addiction Recovery Group & Support Network

When you attend a meeting that has both helped and inspired you, you can share your experience online to help others who are adjusting to staying sober. You will also have the opportunity to offer information regarding recovery programs that may offer help and inspiration to others. You can place an RSVP to allow other members to participate in the meetings that you are attending along with allowing you to schedule and participate in meetings offered by other members that could benefit and enhance your own recovery experiences. Meehab Addiction Help provides a support network to help members of the San Francisco community suffering with substance addiction

Coping with Physical & Psychological Addiction Triggers & Cravings

We provide our members access to programs that help you identify the reasons for your addiction along with providing you proven resources and programs that are designed to help you maintain your sobriety. Meehab Addiction Help aims to help you cope with physical and psychological triggers and cravings while building and maintaining positive thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior. One of the most important fundamentals of maintaining a consistent level of sobriety is your ability to successfully cope with destructive cravings that can occur at the most unexpected of times. At Meehab Addiction Help, we provide you with all the resources that you need to help you deal with the destructiveness of your addiction while educating you on ways to help you maintain your abstinence. When you participate in a treatment program you have access to a support network to help you manage the everyday stress of life. When you are part of the Meehab Addiction Help recovery community, you never have to worry about coping alone.


Connect and Create Healthy Friendships
Put fellowship in your pocket with our private social network. Whether you’re looking for a sponsor, hoping to make new friends in the program, or you’re an experienced AA member looking to date like-minded singles, Meehab makes recovery a lot more connected. Recovery is more fun with friends. Create a profile, connect and chat with fellow members of the community. Make plans to meet after meetings and enjoy fellowship from anywhere. You can even post your sobriety date and find potential sponsors.

– Instantly connect with friends anywhere.
– Read recovery stories and post your own.
– Post your sobriety date and find a sponsor.

FIND AA MEETINGS | Finding Meetings Has Never Been Easier

A Simpler Way to Addiction Recovery
When you need a meeting, Meehab is there. Find top-rated meetings on the go with simple, powerful Google Maps integration. Rate and review meetings, so your favorites are always at your fingertips. One tap and local AA meetings will appear in real time. Easily add meetings to your calendar, get directions, and organize your meetings to fit your schedule. Because you should be focused on your recovery, not logistics.

– Browse top-rated groups that work for your schedule.
– Map your route with built-in Google Maps integration.
– Add meetings to your calendar in one tap.

Rate, Review & RVSP | Meetings Are Meant to Be Shared

When you’ve had an amazing experience in a group meeting, you can share your joy with the community. RSVP to show friends on Meehab which meetings you’re attending and find out where others are finding good recovery. Be of service to your community from anywhere.

– Rate your meetings in seconds.
– Read meeting reviews and write your own.
– RSVP to meetings and see who else is going.


We’re Here When You’re Ready
When you’re ready for professional help, Meehab will match you with appropriate programs and treatment centers. Browse photos and videos to find the perfect facility for your needs. Enter basic insurance information and find what your health insurance may cover. Use our insurance wizard to find rehab centers on your medical plan. Review centers and browse photos and videos to find out if the service is right for you. Whether you want inpatient treatment or simply need someone to talk to, Meehab is here to help.

– Compare different facilities and programs.
– Check your insurance coverage and financial details.
– View photos and videos of treatment services.

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