How to Help Your Loved One Adjust & Stay Sober During Alcohol Recovery in Fremont, CA

When you have a loved one that is abusing alcohol and addicted, the road to get them help can be long. There is the fact that you have to get them to admit the problem then seek the help needed. Then once they have made the commitment to being sober they have to integrate back into their life. This is often the hardest part of recovery because many of the triggers are still there. Some of the people that they used to drink with are still there. That is why as a family member or loved one you should do what you can to help them adjust. This will continue to encourage them to embrace their sobriety.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Offers Tips to Help a Loved One Adjust to Life After Sobriety

Don’t Pressure a Recovering Alcoholic: One of the common mistakes that people make when their loved one gets home is to push them. They are getting out of a plan that has taught them to work through feeling and making adjustments. Now that they are back in their own life they have to figure out what to do. Commonly people want that person to get back in the swing of things right away. They want to keep them busy day and night thinking that is a great way to keep them from drinking. The problem is that this can be too overwhelming. It is important to let them have some time to adjust and take a minute to reflect.
Don’t Talk to Recovering Alcoholics About the Past: The people that are in the path of an alcohol addict tend to get the bad end of things. You might want to start hashing out things that occurred when they were drunk or drinking to get answers. Although it is good to acknowledge that there were hurt feelings is okay but you do not want to dwell on it. You don’t want to ask about the past and reminisce on the stories and other events that may have occurred before sobriety. It is best to focus on the future and allow them to make amends at their own pace.
Don’t Be Too Judgmental of Recovering Alcoholic’s Behavior: When you look at a person that has been an addict and seen the mess they tend to leave in their wake it is hard to see them any other way. The mess that they were should not be the outcome while sober. They are finding other ways to cope as well as act in different social settings. When they don’t act the way you think they should you cannot make assumptions. They are finding out who they are and how to better react. If you continue to make assumptions about their actions it can lead to depression and often times relapse. You need to give them time to learn who they are.

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