Role of Low Self Esteem & Alcohol Addiction in Union City, CA; Signs, Causes & More

When it comes to addiction there are many factors that can lead someone down the road. Addiction is something that some people may have been predisposed to if they have a parent that has an addiction to alcohol. If you are someone that follows what others are doing and don’t know how to stand up for yourself you may end up drinking more than you wanted and that can turn into an addiction. Another aspect of personality that often is a reason that someone becomes an addict happens to be their self-esteem. Not just any self-esteem but a problem with self-esteem and particularly low self-esteem. It is a good idea to know what the signs of low self-esteem are and how it can possibly cause an addiction to alcohol.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Lists Signs Of Low Self-Esteem & its Connection to Alcohol Addiction

Signs of Low Self Esteem in a Man or Woman: There are many signs and symptoms of low self-esteem that you may be able to use to determine if it is something you might suffer from. One of the most common factors of low self-esteem is the person will think that other people think badly of them. They don’t even have any evidence to make these claims true. They will also be suspicious of other people and be jealous of the people they are in a relationship with. Putting themselves down and also never feeling like they have accomplished anything are all signs as well.
What Causes Low Self-Esteem: There are lots of reasons that people may have some level of low self-esteem but a few stand out as most common. The top of the list are people that have some level of abuse during their own childhood. The abuse is hard for a child to understand and they often feel like they are not good enough and deserved what they got as punishment and abuse. If you are a parent that has not done enough to value your own children you can become hard on yourself which will lower your self-esteem. Another common problem is when someone is not happy with their looks or their life in some way. There are many other causes of low self-esteem which is why knowing what the symptoms are can be helpful.
How Does Low Self-Esteem Connect Alcohol Addiction: When you have low self-esteem you already have a personality that is addictive. This means that when you try something you are more likely to form an addiction to it. When the person that has this personality trait drinks alcohol it often give them the false sense of confidence. They are not as concerned about what people think and feel better in a social setting. They will then start to use alcohol to make them feel more confident in other areas of their life. This overuse of alcohol is the first step in addiction.

Help for Those Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

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