Alcohol Abuse VS Addiction in San Francisco, CA; Signs, Definition, Help, Treatment & More

Many people believe alcohol abuse and addiction to be one in the same, where there are actually select differences between the two. Looking for the symptoms allows you to spot the differences between the two to ensure sufferers get effective treatment for their problems. We at Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to take the opportunity to discuss the differences between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is consuming excessive and chronic amounts. Binge drinking alcohol is a prime example. However, a person can understand that there is a problem and can stop using in the abuse phase. Alcohol addiction implies that there is a more severe form of abuse that becomes a dependence that frequently manifests due to physical or mental or a combination of both. Generally, for most people, it starts with abuse and then it edges into addiction due to the mental dependence; because the individual believes they need the substance until progresses into a physical addiction.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Below are the common signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse.
1) Responsibilities at Work, school, and/or home are neglected. Examples include: skipping work, failing classes, or neglecting your children due to alcohol use.
2) Mood swings that is intermittent and erratic.
3) Engaging in risky behaviors or putting yourself in dangerous situations like driving while drinking.
4) Accruing legal trouble that is centered round drinking.
5) Having problems with relationships, such as fighting with your significant other or family members, losing friends, or getting trouble with the boss frequently.

Alcohol Addiction Signs

The common signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction are found below.
1) Completely losing interest in passions such as activities like hobbies, sports and socializing and replacing it with drinking.
2) Increased tolerance for drinking. You have to drink more alcohol to achieve the same affects as you used to before.
3) You need to drink alcohol to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms. Depending on how long you have had been drinking and the quantity, some people will experience physical withdrawal symptoms. Addiction will promote continued drinking habits to avoid the physical symptoms from occurring.
3) Loss of control over alcohol consumption. Though the drinker may see the addiction and want to stop, the drink has more control over them.
4) Though they know it is causing self destruction and hurting the people around them, they still continue to drink.
First and most obvious sign of addiction is the inability to stop drinking for the majority of people.
Unfortunately, for what started as a recreational habit has become an addiction, and almost few realize when it the change occurred. Due to the nature of the compulsion along with the physical and mental need to drink, even if the person wants to stop drinking it becomes too much of challenge to stop on their own. With the alterations of perceptions and dependence becoming more intense, the drinker requires more extreme measures to give up the addiction. Detoxifying under medical supervision is often necessary.

Help for Those Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

If you or a loved one recognizes the abuse or addiction to alcohol and wants treatment, call Meehab Addiction Recovery and let our support help you on the road to sobriety. Meehab Addiction Recovery offers addiction recovery services to help you through your alcohol addiction. Meehab Addiction Recovery offers support in the way of treatment and continued help with your alcohol addiction recovery. To learn more about our alcohol addition recovery app, click here. To download our helpful app for free on android, click here. To download for free on iphone, click here. Call Meehab Addiction Recovery today to help you on the road to recovery.

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