How to Talk to a Friend or Loved One About Their Drinking Problem in San Jose, CA

There are not too many things that you can’t talk to a great friend about. One of the hard to discuss items has to do with addiction to alcohol. Many people can go out for a social drink and have control. If you have a friend that you have realized is showing signs that alcohol addiction is eminent you should do what you can to talk to them about it. There are some major side effects that can occur when someone abuses alcohol such as long term health problems and even death. Having a concern for a friend or a loved one is enough to get you started with the process of help for their addiction.

Meehab Addiction Recovery List Steps You Can Take When Talking to a Friend or Loved One About Their Drinking Problem

How to Confront an Alcoholic in Denial: No one wants to be confronted with a problem that they may not realize they have. It is a hard to swallow fact that may potentially trigger a bad reaction in the other person. You can only control the way that you talk to the person but you can not determine how they might react to you. The fact that you are bringing this up to them means they are not at the stage of getting help yet. They are probably in denial that there is a problem. You still should bring it up and they may use the information and think about it after the feeling of anger starts to pass.
Educate Yourself on Alcoholism Recovery: Now that you have talked to your friend or loved one it is time to let them think about it. They may not feel ready right away to get help but you should be ready when they are. Be sure that you take this time to educate yourself on what alcohol addiction is and what you need to know about getting help. You can look at ways that you can be a resource for them when they start asking about recovery.
Learn About Rehab Places, AA Meeting Times & Locations: If you have a friend that has a serious addiction, stopping cold turkey is not always the answer. If they have become dependent on the alcohol it can be dangerous to stop. They may need to use a recovery center to help them detox from the alcohol in a safe manner. There is also recovery options for the friends of the addict so that they can learn healthy ways to interact with that person. A change in the way you talk and encourage them will play a huge role in how well they recover. The center not only helps the addict with ways to cope and change but the family and friends. If you want to continue to be a good friend and in the life of that person you will need to change as well. If they aren’t ready to go into rehab, they may at least want to attend an AA meeting. You can help by finding times and locations of upcoming meetings near them.

Guidance & Support For Recovering Alcoholics in Greater San Jose, California

You have to keep in mind that you have their best interest in mind and you want them to find a healthy lifestyle that is alcohol free. There may be times of turmoil and times of joy during the process so remain the good friend that you are. Meehab Addiction Recovery has an app that makes it easy to find meetings, rehab centers, connect with other like minded people and much more. Click here to sign up to be the first to hear when our app launches!

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