Not Drinking on Vacation in Daly City, CA; Sober Travel Adventure Tips for Recovering Alcoholics

When you have made the steps to get help for your alcohol addiction the road to recovery is a battle. There will be stumbling blocks in your path that try to trip you up but you need to step around. They can be things like family, friends, jobs and extracurricular activities. When things come up in your life that threaten to derail you from your sobriety you need to know what you will do. Having a plan of action so that you can make a rational and thought-out decision will help you with your overall recovery. One area in life that tends to be difficult when you are recovering from alcohol addiction is when you plan a vacation. Now that you are clean and feeling like yourself it is great to do something for yourself. What better than to take a well needed vacation. The problem is that you need to have a plan so that you don’t find yourself in a bar out of town.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Lists Tips for Planning Your Vacation Around Your Sobriety

Sober Friends: When you are in a new place and not sure what the day will hold it is always a good idea to have support. This can be a close friend or family member that is committed to your recovery as much as you are. They can help you leave a place or find an alternate if any such need arises. A person that you can lean on when you are not feeling strong is a great way to keep your sobriety in check.
Visit Places that Do NOT Serve Alcohol: It may seem when you go out on vacation a great spot to hang out is a bar or club. The problem is that they might be fun but the alcohol will be flowing. Bars and clubs are not the only place you can have a good time. In fact there are some much more popular and modern hangouts that you may find better. One is a cool and eclectic coffee shop. They have fun mugs, games and Wi-Fi. What else do you really need? Another place that you can go is a juice or shake place. These places are great for two reasons. One they do not serve alcohol and most of them have healthy alternatives to boost your natural levels that make you feel good. Scouting out a place to hang out is a good way to avoid the places that will put you at risk.
Treat Yourself with the Money You Would Have Spent on Alcohol: You will start to notice that when you would go out drinking your wallet was empty pretty fast. Alcohol can be pricey and now that you are not choosing to spend your money on it you have some extra to spend. Now that you have a little extra capital use it while you are on vacation to enjoy a spa day. Get a massage or spend time in the sauna. These are all relaxation practices that will keep you calm and level headed as well.

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