Benefits of Physical Activity & Exercise in Addiction Recovery in San Francisco, CA

When you are in the midst of an addiction it can seem like there is not end in sight. The road to recovery from alcohol addiction will be hard and you will need the help and care of those around you. Alcohol is readily available which is why you need to find a way out on your own. You have to want to be sober and stay that way. Once you have come to grips that you have an addiction to alcohol you are already on the road to recovery. The steps toward recovery will be different for each person with a specialized recovery plan. Once you have fallen into a plan that works for you there are always good behaviors that you can take advantage of to help. These good behaviors are not only are good for anyone but of particular benefit to those that are in recovery.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Explains How Exercise Can Help With Your Recovery From Alcohol Addiction

Exercise Reduces Stress: If you are in recovery from alcohol addiction you are going to want to find ways to reduce the amount of stress. Stress is often a trigger that sends an addict into relapse. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to start an exercise regime. Everyday moments in life have a way of slowly adding more and more tension. When you exercise you are helping to relieve the stress while you focus on the health of your body. The interesting thing is that studies have shown that people in the midst of physical activity such as exercise have less stress and are able to release stressful feelings easier than someone who does little to no exercise.
Physical Exercise & Brain Development: When you are stuck in an addiction you are often doing the abuse to get a high. The problem is that the high is not balanced out and you are getting a high that is too much for your body to handle. The great thing about exercise is that when you are exercising your body will release an endorphin that will give your body a natural balanced high. This is the moment that you will feel better about yourself and be able to think much more clearly. The level of endorphins are a great way to increase your happiness that is necessary while you are in recovery.
Fitness Meditation During Exercise: Another reason that people choose to get out and exercise is to clear their head. An addict may choose to hide from the drama and problems in their life rather than dealing with them. When you decide to go out to exercise or run you are giving yourself time to think and clear your head. You can use your time during exercise to make a plan on how to address any troubles that are coming in your life in an appropriate manner.

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