How to Deal With an Alcohol Relapse in Burlingham, CA; Forgive Yourself, Apologize & More

When you know someone that is an addict you know that attending and completing treatment one time is unfortunately often not the end of the addiction. Once an addict always an addict is a saying for a reason. The addiction to alcohol is one of the hardest to recover from because drinking alcohol is not always frowned upon and you can purchase it from just about any store. The problems that exist when you are addicted to alcohol are numerous and include issues with your health all the way to problems in relationships. Once you know someone that has an addiction to alcohol and they agree to go to some form of recovery you might think that it is all downhill from there. The issue is that there is always the chance that the addict can have a relapse. A relapse is something that happens when the addict that has committed to sobriety falls into their addiction again. All it takes is a single sip of alcohol to be put in that category. You want to make sure you do what you can to prevent a relapse but also have a plan on what you will do if it happens to you. You don’t want to lose the respect of those that want you to continue to be sober.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Lists Tips to Help You Get Sober After a Relapse

Catch Up After a Relapse: If you have a relapse after you have been in recovery the outcome can be terrifying. When you come out of the relapse just tackling the everyday tasks that you overlooked while you were drinking can seem impossible. It is best to just get started and get things back in order. You may notice that your bills are past due, your house is a mess and you are behind at work or school. Pick one thing at a time and get started getting them caught back up. Do not feel overwhelmed with the tasks that haven’t gotten done but instead give yourself a pat on the back as each one is completed. You also should not be afraid to ask for help from those around you that support your recovery.
Apologize to Support System: When you have a support system that has put their all into getting you into recovery and doing what they can to keep you there; they can be hurt when you relapse. Although you did not relapse to hurt anyone you have to understand that is does cause damage to relationships. That is why you need to take time to call these people or visit them to talk about the relapse and what you plan on doing to get back on track. You will continue to need these people to help you through your life.
Forgive Yourself for Relapse: You also need to feel good yourself. That means that you cannot look back at the relapse and obsess about what happened and why you did it. It is best to forgive yourself for the oversight and do your best to have a plan and use it to move on.

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