Denial & Hidden Signs of a Drinking Problem of a High Functioning Alcoholic in Redwood City, CA

Alcohol addiction that convinces those suffering they don’t have a problem or need help, a rather rare disease. Many who battle addiction lean how to hide their struggle, so much so they become adept at deception. A person frequently turns to alcohol to ease emotional pain and they manage to hide their relationship with alcohol so they can drink with ease.

Casual Drinking VS Alcoholism

Inspiring secrecy and loneliness, alcoholism is a disease. Those close to a person that has a problem drinking may not even notice the signs; and even more the drinker may not realize they suffer from a problem. Patterns of problem drinking can be confusing because too many people can’t distinguish the difference between moderate drinking and a drinking problem. An added characteristic of alcoholism, however, can make it more of a challenge to identify, which is denial. More often than not, without intervention the avid drinker can go on for quite some time as they rationalize their behavior until they reach what many refer to as “rock bottom”. The higher the likelihood of complications and illness in the future stems from the longer someone drinks at dangerous levels.

Alcoholism Denial

With any alcoholic, denial is often present. By convincing themselves the amount of alcohol they drink is an average amount, the person with a drinking problem will often rationalize their consumption. Unfortunately, this deception generally covers a bigger deception, and that is how much they hide the amount they drink from family members, friends, work colleagues, and even acquaintances. They will deem their behavior as selfless, suggesting they don’t want their loved ones to worry about them unnecessarily in addition to self preservation; for example concealing it from an employer.

High Functioning Alcoholic

The lies and half-truths contribute to more stress and a different kind of pressure to the drinker. In an effort to continue the deception, they drink in unhealthy patterns to the extreme to hide the problem from loved ones. As a result, they will evolve sneak and clever ways to get the alcohol they want. Below are a few of the more common examples of their ingeniously devious ways.
– Utilizing a hip flask.
– Traveling out of their comfort error to purchase alcohol in an attempt to be less likely recognized.
– Hiding alcohol around the house or office in favorable places.
– Heavily mixing soft drinks with spirits or hard liquor.
– Concealing alcohol in un-alcoholic containers.
No matter their method to hide the volume of their consumption, eventually time will hide their drinking problem and they will fail to cover their tracks and the drinking problem will be exposed.

Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction can affect anyone. With different people, alcoholism will manifest in different ways. Know what to ask or even being honest with yourself is important. Understanding all parts of alcohol addiction come from knowing how you cope with stress and how the alcohol reacts to your mind and body. Below you will find key indicators someone has a drinking problem.
1) First thing in the morning they drink alcohol.
2) Craving a drink to affect mood or concentration levels.
3) Because of pre-existing problems, the “self medicate” with drinking.
4) Life at home, work or social relationships are negatively impacted.
5) The amount of drinking is being concealed or lied about.
6) While alone they drink heavily.
7) From drinking too much, they pass out.
8) As a result of drinking, they miss special occasions or events.

Help with Alcohol Addiction

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