How is a Person Diagnosed with Alcoholism in Mountain View, CA; Signs of Alcohol Addiction

When someone becomes addicted to alcohol is can become harmful to the person’s health and endanger their life and even the life of others. The longer someone is addicted to alcohol, the harder it can become to fight the addiction. Because alcohol addiction can become such a serious problem, Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to share some early warning signs of a person abusing alcohol and who might be at risk of alcoholism.

Signs of Alcoholism

It’s not easy comparing social drinking with alcohol abuse. While social drinking can lead to alcohol abuse, usually it is not the first warning sign of early of alcoholism. Alcohol abuse doesn’t always mean a person is strictly dependent or addicted to alcohol. So, you can’t base your suspicions strictly on a person’s drinking habits. Instead focus on their behavior. Behavior will reveal more. After you notice certain behaviors, then turn your attention to their drinking habits. Here are some of the early warning signs of alcohol abuse that later can become alcoholism:
– If you or another person has begun neglecting their responsibilities from school, work, or even at home. Especially if you or the other person that is neglecting the responsibilities is recovering from a hangover. This is a clear sign of alcohol abuse.
– If you notice you or the person you are watching is exhibiting risky behavior while under the influence of alcohol. This too, is showing some early signs of future addictions.
– If you or the person in question is frequently getting DUIs or public intoxication citations or even has been arrested for disorderly conduct and they aren’t being a menace to society, they are in danger of becoming addicted to alcohol.
– Some will drink to help them relax. However, if they tend to drink too much they may be trying to mask feelings or problems. It is important to determine the source of the problem for you or the person that is becoming addicted to alcohol.
– You or the person in question could become addicted to social drinking as well. If you or a person is pressured to drink or drink beyond your set limits, this becomes dangerous. If you feel like you need to drink in order to feel happy while in social situations, this can also be dangerous and is an early warning sign of future alcoholism.
– If you drink more then you intended to or drink, or to the point you black out or even forget the events while you where drinking, this shows signs that you or the person lacks self control. Those who lose control when it comes to drinking will easily become addicted to alcohol. If you have no self control or are easily influence by others to abuse or drink too much alcohol, you or the person in question is on the road to alcoholism and a fight with a major addiction.

Help for Recovering Alcoholics

Alcohol is a dangerous drink and doesn’t only cause addiction but also death. There is an estimated death rate in America of 88,000 people dying annually due to alcohol and 5.9 percent of world wide deaths each year. To help prevent becoming another statistic, if you or another person you care about is becoming addicted or is showing signs of alcoholism, seek professional help now. Meehab Addiction Recovery is dedicated in preventing and treating those with alcoholism. If you’re ready to begin your road to recovery, download our helpful app for free today. To learn more, click here. To download for free on android, click here. To download for free on iphone, click here.

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