Addiction Transfer in San Jose, CA; Trading, Swapping & Replacing Alcohol with Another Obsession

When you are an addict you know that staying sober is a way of life and something that needs to be focused on in your daily life. You are essentially in recovery for the rest of your life but this doesn’t have to be your sentence. You can live a full and happy life while sober but you need to cautious of some things that addicts need to be aware of. Never become complacent in your treatment so that you avoid a relapse. You also need to make sure you are aware of addiction substitution. This is a process that many people are not even aware of and happens often. The addictive behavior is always there and keeping it in check is pertinent.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Explains What Substitution Addiction Is & How To Avoid It While In Recovery

What is Addiction Replacement & Transfer?: If you are addicted to alcohol and you are in treatment then you are refraining from that substance. That is great but if you are substituting that bad addiction for another you are still fulfilling your addictive ways. An addiction does not have to be drugs or alcohol it can be food, exercise and even work! Some of these things are not bad but they are still acting in place of your addiction. You want to be aware of the feeling that you need to do something and refrain from that.
Why Do People Substitute Addiction?: When it comes to addiction it is a behavior that is more like a disease. The addictive behavior is something that takes over the brain and makes a person feel compelled for a particular reason. This reason can be getting alcohol, drugs, food and much more. If you are being treated for alcohol addiction and you are sober, you still are dealing with the need for something. That something can morph into a different activity or substance that your brain needs to stay stimulated. When you are being treated for addiction it is often stressful and a way out is to start an addiction to another thing or activity. An addiction is an addiction whether it is cleaning or drugs; you need to seek treatment.
How To Avoid Trading One Addiction for Another?: When you are in treatment you are taking out a huge part of your life. If you had an addition to alcohol and you are now sober that time you would have spent on drinking is now open. This can cause an addict to stew and feel like they need something to fill that spot of their life. To avoid having these open moments to think about what you can do next, start trying new things. Try new hobbies, treat yourself to shopping, learn a new skill. These are all ways to fill your time and if you are adding something new every week or two you won’t have time to start feeling an addiction to another thing.
Make an Addiction Recovery Plan: If you are not sure how much time you are giving one particular activity you can make a plan and keep a journal. Then you can go over your daily agenda at the end of the day to see if you need to adjust the amount of time or thought towards one particular area.

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