Positive Reinforcements; 5 Mins a Day to Help in Your Sobriety Story in San Francisco, CA

For those who have begun the journey to sobriety, you have become aware that it is going to be an ongoing process and continual effort. You will be faced with constant challenges throughout this journey. That’s why Meehab Addiction Recovery wants to stress the importance of taking five minutes each day to reflect on those things that can help you face these challenges. Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to share a few of those things that may help you when you are faced with the various stresses whether they may be emotional, physical, or mental road bumps.

Positive Reinforcements in Addiction Recovery

It is important to give yourself positive reinforcements. Negative feelings and emotions will make your life more difficult, especially when you’re working towards sobriety. Here are a few suggestions to help you find more uplifting and positive emotions and feelings to help you on your journey to sobriety. All you need to do is take five minutes each day and try any one of these exercises to help you continue moving forward.
Listening – For those who have a close relationship with a person whether it is family, a friend, spouse, or child who is a part of your life and wants to help support you as you work to become sober, take five minutes each day to talk to them. It is also important to listen to them. Create a strong bond with them. All of the people who want to be a part of your life are one of the greatest and strongest ways to help you recover.
Gratitude – Some people have a difficult time in finding something to be grateful for. However in most cases those who can’t find gratitude aren’t even looking for it. At the end of each day reflect on three things that happened to you and write them down in a journal. They can be the simplest of things. Finding gratitude helps to boost self control and brings joy and optimism. Occasionally when you’re feeling down, open your journal and see all of the past experiences that brought gratitude to you each day.
Savor – As your day may start to become more stressful or hectic, stop everything, find a place where you can be alone, and take five minutes for yourself. Some like to watch a sunset, or flip through a photo album. Do whatever helps to clear your mind and disregard those things that may be stressful for you.
Pamper – For some, it helps to pamper themselves by taking a longer bath, brushing their hair or having their nails done. Even for men there are ways to pamper yourself in a hygienic fashion. Improving your hygiene helps give you more confidence and helps keep you focused on the road to recovery.
Meditation or Prayer – For some, improving the spiritual self is a great tool in maintaining your spirit. Meaning you internally find peace and rest in these exercises.
Physical Skill – You can take five minutes and either do mild exercises or even master a skill. These skills can be gardening, art, or even puzzles; anything that helps to empty your mind and allow more positive feelings or emotions, even if there is no thought to them.

Help for Recovery Addicts in Greater San Francisco, California

Remember the road to sobriety is truly your own journey. Don’t let the needs of others inhibit your progress. You have at least five minutes each day to call yours. Take five minutes of your choosing and pick one of the above exercises that can help you on your journey. Meehab Addiction Recovery hopes we can help uplift you each day and we congratulate you on your choice to become sober. Sign up here to be the first to know when our helpful app goes live!

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