Tips for Addicts & Families of Addicts to Recover with Heroin & Opiate Addictions in San Jose, CA

When you have a loved one or you yourself is suffering from an addiction it can be a long and hard road. The process to get help with a professional and to get clean is something that needs to be dealt with delicately. The first step is the addict agreeing that they need to get help. One of the addictions that is steadily on the rise since around 2007 has been the use and addiction to heroin. Heroin is a drug that is highly addictive and when someone becomes dependent they will need medical supervision when detoxing off the drug. The understanding of a drug and how it is used as well as the signs and symptoms of addiction can help those around you to get the help needed. Having a good strong support team that encourages recovery is necessary. When you suspect someone has an addiction to heroin you should understand the process of addiction and recovery so you are ready to help.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Explains What Heroin Is, How It Is Used & What Is Does To You When You Are Addicted To It

What Is Heroin: Heroin is a drug that is made from morphine that is usually found from the seed pod in poppy plants. These plants are processed and the substance that is used is extracted from it. It is then processed into the drug which is then cut in with other household products. Dealers often times use the heroin with sugar or other starches. The drug is brown or white and is in the form of powder in most instances. It can also be found in a a rock or sticky black substance that is referred to as black tar heroin. The drug is processed in places such as Mexico and South America and sold in the United States.
How Is Heroin Used: There are several ways that people use heroin as a drug. Depending on what type of heroin they buy and their drug abuse severity, these applications may vary. The addict may choose to smoke, snort or inject the drug to get the desired effect. The more a person is into a drug they may go from smoking it to injecting it to get a different type of effect.
Who Uses Heroin: The interesting thing about heroin addicts is that the majority started with other drugs. No one really jumps right into heroin but it is a cheaper way than other drugs that they may have started with. The hike in prescription drug abuse has been the major leading cause in heroin addiction. Purchasing prescription pills can be very costly and over time a person may want to find a cheaper option. That is where heroin has made an impact. Studies have shown that more men use heroin and the first age of use is around 24 years old.
What Are the Consequences & Side Effects of Heroin Use?: There are many consequences that come with the abuse of any kind of drug. Potential health concerns include death, dependency on the drug, HIV or AIDS and behavior that is associated with the use of heroin.

Heroin Addiction Recovery Assistance & Resources

When you have decided that you want to get help for your heroin addiction the best thing to do is to get the help of a professional. There are several types of treatments options to help with detox and recovery to get you back on the right track. Meehab Addiction Recovery offers an app to help you find treatment centers near you!

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