How to Help an Alcoholic Friend, Husband, Parent or Other Family Member in San Francisco, CA

For those who are on the road to fighting alcoholism, Meehab Addiction Recovery wants to wish you the best of luck through this difficult journey. However, remember you are not alone. For those who are a spouse, brother, sister, or parents of someone that is facing an alcohol addiction, you can assist your loved one in this difficult journey. Meehab Addiction Recovery wants to reach out to you and share how you can help your loved one during this time in their life. It is important to understand what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do, while helping your loved one fight alcohol addiction.

You Can’t Make Someone Stop Drinking

The first step in the road to fight any addiction is for the individual to choose to quit. The first mistake you can do to help someone quit drinking is to force them. It is counter productive and more often than not, the person with the addiction will resist treatment and drink more. However you can plant ideas in their mind to motivate them to want to make changes and to promise to be there for them even through their ups and downs.

How to Help a Drug Addict to Recover

It is an odd thing but when we see those we love fighting and failing when it comes to addiction, we feel like we need to do the work for them so that you feel like progress is made. There are many steps in rebuilding their lives and new habits for them to create. Don’t try to do it for them. Instead, help remind those fighting addictions to do what is necessary to win.

Examples of Boundaries for Addicts

During the road to recovery, you as the supporter must lay boundaries and never allow those boundaries to be crossed. It could be as simple as going to bed at a decent hour or no alcohol within the home, even if members of the family aren’t the ones drinking it. It may cause many disputes, however over time you will gain their respect and better assist them during this difficult time.

Learn About Alcoholism About Families

One major benefit as the one helping someone fight their addiction is to learn more about the addiction itself. Learn what they are going through. Learn about the physical pain of withdrawal associated with alcoholism. Discover why they turned to it in the first place. Many use drinking as a way to hide from a problem. Some problems may go deep. By becoming sober they may need to face those problems. Find out what could be the trigger for their drinking and be prepared to help them face it. It is also important not to carry their failures personally. Many feel like it is their fault that their loved one went back to drinking or is struggling to fight their addictions. You must be a solid pillar they can lean on. If you break, they might find it even more difficult to recover. We know this is easier said than done, especially if you truly care for the person fighting alcoholism. However, be strong and don’t allow them to bring you down.

Living with a Functioning Alcoholic

It is important to talk to those fighting the addictions. Ask them about the struggles they are facing. However this doesn’t mean allow them to give in because you feel bad for them. Be understanding yet firm. Let them know you have faith they can and will beat their addictions. Never be scared to talk to them about their fight.

Helping with the Steps & Stages of Addiction Recovery

Meehab Addiction Recovery hopes to help those who have a loved one fighting an addiction. It is not easy for either of you. Just remember what you can or can’t do. If you find that you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol and needs help, contact Meehab Addiction Recovery today to access our vast network of resources.

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