Signs Your College Student Child or Friend is a High Functioning Alcoholic in Palo Alto, CA

When you are a college student there are a lot of new things that will come into your life. For many people it is the first time in their life that they are on their own and making adult decisions. Many college students also have to be responsible for paying bills, getting to class on time and keeping their grades up. Another area of college life is the ways that people use to relax over a weekend. The problem is that this usually means a party and at a party now that many of the students are over 21 means there is alcohol. When you have a student that has just stepped out on their own they can quickly take their drinking too far thinking they are doing what everyone else is. Slowly the amount of alcohol they are drinking can lead to an addiction. There are some people including college students and even some high school students that are considered a high functioning alcoholic.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Lists Signs Your Child Or Friend is A High Functioning Alcoholic

High Functioning Alcoholic Personality Traits List: When you think of an alcoholic, the most common thought is that they are a mess. They are not able to hold a job, get to school or look presentable. That is not always the case because there are some alcoholics that are high functioning. They can seem like they have their life together for the most part. They can show up to school every day or work on time, they can have a great social life and can come across as very popular. The high functioning alcoholic is someone that will not admit to a problem because they are able to keep their life on track for the most part. They will deny any issues but continue to drink on a regular basis.
Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic: Some signs are when the person that you are concerned about will make jokes about addiction and continually say they don’t have a problem. They may start to lose relationships with friends and family members due to their behavior while they are intoxicated. They often have a case against them with the local court system from drunk driving. The reason is because they always feel they are in control and are less likely to ask for a ride home. They seem to always drink when they are out and need to use alcohol when they want to unwind. Many alcoholics that are high functioning will make excuses about their drinking to try and minimize the issue.

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If you are concerned about your child or a friend and the amount or how often they are drinking alcohol, get them help. You cannot just look at how together their life may seem when looking for addiction because there are some people that are so high functioning, they give the illusion they are in control. Sign up to be the first to know about our helpful addition recovery app to help your loved ones on the road to recovery.

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