Sober New Years Eve Ideas in Cupertino, CA; Drink Non Alcoholic Drinks, Be the Designated Driver & More

New Year’s Eve can be a trying holiday for those that have decided to be sober; the holiday can be a challenge as it is centered on drinking. Being around friends and family doesn’t always help as they thrust a glass of champagne into your hands thinking they are being gracious hosts as they are outside the center of need to know to your sobriety. Today, we at Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to share some options to celebrate New Year’s Eve minus the alcohol.

Ideas for a Sober New Years

1) Stay In. Not everyone enjoys the parties; some people enjoy their own company to enjoy the solitude. Get your favorite book or movie, or binge watch your favorite TV series. Get your own celebrating treats like your favorite box or bag treats, ice cream, chips, or other fine snacks along with your favorite soft drink, juice, or water to pass the time. Occasionally, the sounds of midnight might ring through, take a glance of the fireworks, and call it a night. If doing it alone doesn’t sound thrilling, invite a few close friends over for an awesome dinner and videogames or movies.
2) Be the Designated Driver. No one argues with the designated driver and most people are thrilled to have the designated driver in their circle to be the responsible one and get home safely.
3) Blunt Approach. Be crisp, confident, and blunt; someone offers you a drink, state “No thank you, but I don’t drink.” There is no room for discussion or debate, and most people leave you to your firm response.
4) Sober Friends. Heading to parties to enjoy the celebration of a new year is fun and exciting. Many friends don’t always drink and the ones that do can easily run interference for you. When the incoming cocktails head your way, your close friends can put themselves on the path. In other scenarios, friends that are not drinking will help you dodge the glasses of merriment. If no one intends on indulging, consider going to an alcohol-free venue to remove the element altogether.
5) Opt for a Fine Dining Experience. Eating ridiculously fancy food with the company of loved ones or even yourself can make you feel like celebrating outside your home. Bring a delightful book if you are going it alone and even treat yourself to dessert and non-alcoholic cocktails. Be sure to book your table sooner than later though, many couples choose this option as well.
6) Alternative Drinks. To the host that insists on a beverage at the New Year’s Eve bash, having a ready and semi-aggressive response to yes, but instead of the “drink” ask for the ginger-ale or cranberry juice instead. Most don’t want deny their guests a specific beverage if it is on hand.

Help for Recovering Alcoholics Battling Alcohol Addiction

When making your New Year’s Eve Plans, make sure you are fully prepared for what the night brings to the specific places you chose to go. If you are not ready to be around alcohol it is ok to just stay in for the night and celebrate or not. Meehab Addiction Recovery offers real help for alcohol addiction. Our easy app outlines meeting places near you and allows you to make new friends to help support you on your journey. Click here to download for Android and Click here to be the first to now when our app goes live on iOS!

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