Signs of an Alcoholic Dependent Personality & Symptoms of Alcoholism in San Francisco, CA

If you enjoy drinking alcohol and do it regularly, you may not be able to see the line between social drinking and an addiction problem. It is dangerous when you find that you need alcohol to function or depend on it to get through the day. You may not be aware that you have an issue, because alcohol addiction can happen gradually and before you know it, you have a real problem. Meehab Addiction Help is here with some signs that will let you know that you may have an addiction to alcohol.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse & Addiction

1. Using Alcohol Dangerously– If you find yourself using alcohol in dangerous situations like while driving, or drinking while using other medications; this is a sign that you have a problem and aren’t differentiating between safety and danger properly.
2. Relying on Alcohol to Relax– You shouldn’t require a drink in order to wind down after a long day. When you find yourself using alcohol as a tool to help you relax, this is a major warning sign that the problem is bigger than you think.
3. Neglecting Responsibilities Due to Alcohol Use– Everybody has certain commitments and responsibilities that they are expected to perform whether it is school, work, or family obligations. If your alcohol use is constantly getting in the way of these things, it’s time to assess the situation.
4. Ruined Relationships Because of Alcohol– If several of your family members or loved ones are concerned about your drinking and it is starting to cause problems in your relationships, this is a sign that you have a problem.
5. Alcohol Causing Legal Problems– Drunk driving and drunken disorderly conduct are no laughing matters. Legal issues due to alcohol use are serious and point to a problem with alcohol abuse.

Signs of Alcoholism or Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism is the most serious form of alcohol abuse. If you find that you absolutely have to have alcohol in order to function, this is indicative of alcoholism. The signs of alcoholism obviously include all of the same signs that alcohol addiction has, but dependency is on a whole other playing field.

Alcohol Tolerance is a Sign of Alcoholism

If you find you have to drink more and more to get the same results that you used to get from just a couple of drinks, this is a sign that your body is building up a tolerance to alcohol. This is a major sign of alcoholism.

Experiencing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptom is Another Sign of Alcoholism

Getting shaky if you don’t have a drink is not a good sign. Just like other drugs, when you drink excessively, your body starts to depend on it and you will experience withdrawals with you don’t have it. If you are drinking to keep these symptoms of withdrawal away, you most likely have an alcoholism problem.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Recovering from an addiction to alcohol is a long road that you will find at times to be turbulent. Having the right treatment plan and support is key in being successful. Meehab Addiction Help offers the tools you need to overcome your addiction to alcohol today.

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