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Serve Non Alcoholic Christmas Punch & Winter Mocktail Drinks at Holiday Parties in South San Francisco, CA

Holidays are in full swing, with Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, there will be plenty of upcoming holidays to celebrate and many get-togethers, parties, and dinners that are naturally going to have drinks served. When having a family member or friend that is new to recovery, the single biggest mistake a well-meaning host makes is…

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How to Live a Sober Lifestyle in Pacifica, CA; Importance of Daily Schedule for Recovering Addicts

The first 90 days of your recovery are the most critical to your long-term success and according to recovery experts at Meehab Addiction Recovery, this is the time when relapses are the most likely to occur. If you are new to being sober you may not be completely comfortable dealing with the rigors of everyday…

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Married to a Recovering Alcoholic in San Mateo, CA? Can Marriage Survive? What to Expect!

Living with a recovering alcoholic isn’t just a challenge for the recovering alcoholic, but those closest to them. We at Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to list some tips and advice for those living with a recovering alcoholic to continue helping your loved one and to help you along the way. Living with a Recovering…

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